Thursday, 16 October 2014

Hyne Town House Newsletter

 Autumn Edition 2014


Sadly, summer has finally come to an end and with it the opportunity to get out and enjoy the warm weather. However, the weather this year was kind and gave residents plenty of opportunity to get into the garden and enjoy the spectacular sea views. Does anyone recognise the two lovely ladies in this photograph relaxing and taking the sun?


A special Day out

 Resident Bill Knight, recently enjoyed a very special day as a VIP guest at the Dartmouth Regatta. Carer, Sue Hawke, wrote  to the Regatta committee to tell them about Bill’s career in the RAF. They enthusiastically invited Bill to come along to meet the Red arrows and he took great delight in watching the aerial display from the Boat Float. Afterwards he met members of the Red Arrows Team and was presented with a picture of the Red Arrows and a copy of their magazine signed by all the pilots.



A big thank you to Sue for organising  a memorable day for Bill and to her and Curtis for accompanying him on the day.
Christmas Shopping

Hard to believe I know, but our focus is now turning to Christmas!

 We thought the residents’ families might like some additional ideas for Christmas presents and Jean has given me a shopping list of useful suggestions:

Bath robes, nightwear (it is advisable to get a size larger than normally worn as it is less intrusive when someone is helping them to dress) soap, toilet bags, costume jewellery and scarves. A portable DVD player with a favourite film or music is always popular as is a CD player with Talking Books or the resident’s favourite music.

Books of interest about a previous hobby, an area they lived or a person they admired. It is better if the book contains a small amount of text and lots of pictures.

What can be really beneficial, both for the residents and carers, are labelled multi picture photo frames or a digital photo frame. These provide a conversation point for the carer and visitor. Similarly a book containing messages and photos from the family, perhaps including drawings from grandchildren is a very personal gift.

A life history of the person, put together by the family, is a special gift as it provides many happy memories for the resident to be shared with carers and family alike. 

Forthcoming Events


11am Thursday 2nd            Live Music with “String Along”

11am Thursday 7th            Coffee Morning and residents meeting in quiet lounge

3.30pm Tuesday 28th        Concert with the “Musical Gentlemen”



11am Tuesday 4th              Coffee Morning and residents meeting in quiet lounge

11am Thursday 6th            Live Music with “String Along”

3.30 pm Tuesday 28th       Concert with the “Musical Gentlemen



11am Tuesday 2nd              Coffee morning and residents meeting in  quiet lounge

3.30 pm Tuesday 16th       Christmas Party and concert with Musical Gentlemen

2.30pm Monday 22nd       Christmas Quiz followed by buffet

3pm Tuesday 23rd              Christmas Carols , sherry and mince pies

11am Wednesday 24th     Christmas Sing Along with String Along

Thursday 25th                      Gala Christmas Dinner


All friends and family are very welcome to come and join in the fun.


Happy Birthday to you…………………….

 Anne Swinscow                  18th October

Ronald Stone                      30th October

Pam Jarvis                            3rd November

David White                         3rd November

Margaret Mutters             1st December

Dorothy Brigham                18th December

Mary Phippen                    25th December



Curtis Ranscombe              11th October

Mal Thomas                         12th October

Penny Foster                       17th October

Mark Johns                          30th November

Caroline Flynn                     1st December

Gemma Caple                      4th December


The next newsletter will be the winter edition which will be published in early January. If you would like anything included please leave it in the office marked for my attention.


Von Mould







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